Unleash the Power of Your Words to Gain an Unfair Advantage in Your Career, Business, and Life

Discover the proven, time-tested secrets of highly effective communication

Communication Does Not Have to Be a Challenge

Public speaking is the world's biggest fear. And missing the communication skills you need to speak with impact, influence, and confidence is going to cost you...
  • Weak delivery will kill your good ideas
  • People who contribute less will get ahead
  • You won't reach your highest potential
  • Every presentation will create anxiety
  • You won't speak up in a critical moment
  • You'll miss opportunities to move forward
Communication doesn't have to be a guessing game, and it doesn't have to terrify you either. Your words can propel you forward instead of holding you back. Your words can be your competitive advantage. You can influence, impact, and inspire with ease and confidence. But you need the right guidance and the right information. This is where you'll find it.

We Offer You Everything You Need
to Master Communication and
Unleash the Power of Your Words

We will send you 18 free PDF resources, 30 free video lessons, and even 2 free workbooks. This toolkit complements the Speak for Success Collection and helps you speak with confidence.
Work with the author who wrote the #1 and #2 bestselling books on public speaking and communication in 2022. We offer coaching, speech-writing, training, consulting, and more.
This is the most comprehensive communication resource ever created. This bestselling 15-book collection, written by Peter D. Andrei, covers every aspect of effective communication.
Let us work with you to ensure your words help your mission. We offer consulting services, bulk orders, team coaching, speaking visits, message audits, communication planning, and more.

Get 18 Free PDF Resources, 30 Free Video Lessons, and 2 Free Workbooks Sent to You in 3 Seconds.

Why give so much away? Because we're grateful for you. Because we want to go above and beyond. Because we believe in using the power of the internet to offer you more. And we know you're busy. Each PDF takes 5 minutes to read. Each video lesson is 3-5 minutes long. And in the workbooks, we bolded the key ideas, so you can skim each in 10 minutes.

   18 Free PDF Resources

   30 Free Video Lessons

   2 Free Workbooks

Are You Ready to Unleash the Power of Your Words?

The PDF resources include practical, step-by-step resources like checklists, example-books, and formula-books, so you can quickly create messages that work. The 30-day video course reveals the proven secrets of speaking with confidence. The two free workbooks include long-lost excerpts by the mega-bestselling author of How to Win Friends and Influence People (30 million copies sold). Enjoy!

Don't Let Weak Words Hold You Back. Discover the Proven Secrets of Words that Win.

Most books on this subject barely scratch the surface. They leave out 95% of the tools, tactics, and techniques used by the world's greatest communicators. They neglect hundreds of proven principles. They ignore the cutting-edge science of speaking. This bestselling 15-book collection covers every aspect of communication. And it leaves no stone unturned.

 1,572 Five-Star Amazon Ratings

   70,000 Copies Sold

   #1 Bestseller in Category

"The Greatest Communication Resource Ever Created" - Amazon Customer

 This bestselling 15-book collection includes 1,472 diagrams visualizing key ideas, so you can more deeply understand the strategies. Every section ends in a summary and every chapter ends in a checklist, so you can quickly review the material later on and apply it with ease. And it includes hundreds of real-world examples, showing how real people in real high-stakes situations used strategies you'll discover.

Upcoming Presentation? Speech? Event? Let Us Work With You To Guarantee You Ace the Opportunity.

Nervous about an upcoming presentation? Need to write a speech, but don't know where to start? Want long-term coaching to help you master persuasive communication and empower your career? Work with Peter D. Andrei, the founder of Speak Truth Well LLC and the author who wrote the #1 and #2 bestselling public speaking books in 2022.

   Coaching and Training

   Speech-Writing and Planning

   Presentation Consulting

We Want to Help You Empower the Ideas You Believe In

And we treat communication as a concrete science, not an abstract art. This means our strategies work. And they work predictably. Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Long-term coaching for general improvement in any communication skill
  • Long-term one-on-one drilling, training, and practicing to help you master the art
  • Short-term support to help you ace an upcoming presentation or speech
  • Presentation planning to help you craft any kind of message with power
  • Speech-writing and delivery practice to help you give a brilliant speech brilliantly
  • Custom plans specifically designed to meet any unique need you have
We have worked with hundreds of clients in hundreds of industries to meet hundreds of unique needs. Whether you need help overcoming public speaking anxiety, want to learn everything in the 15-book Speak for Success collection in one-on-one sessions, or anything in between, we are here to help you unleash the power of your words.

Let Us Guarantee Communication Propels Your Organization Forward Instead of Holding it Back.

Every organization deserves to communicate in a way that sets it up for success, not failure. We have worked with a wide range of clients, including political campaigns, seated public servants, financial institutions, medical institutions, military institutions, real-estate developers, and consulting firms. We want to help you clarify and empower your communication.

   Expert Consulting Services

   Message-Planning and Audits

  Team Training and Bulk Orders

Clear Communication Wins Missions. Weak Words Spell Defeat.

No matter what else your organization gets right, if it gets communication wrong, things fall apart. Our suite of services for organizations includes, but is not limited to:
  • Long-term consulting to plan and execute tailored solutions on an ongoing basis
  • Short-term consulting to solve a particular communication challenge or obstacle
  • Message-audits to ensure your words get your organization where it wants to go
  • Message-planning to clearly, persuasively, and powerfully speak to customers
  • Coaching and training for teams and bulk orders of books, courses, and resources
  • Speaking visits from Peter D. Andrei tailored specifically for your audience
Of course, we can't really "list" our services. We design specific solutions for unique problems, and no two solutions are alike, just as no two problems or opportunities or organizations are alike. There are only two constants: every organization benefits from unleashing the power of words, and every organization has room for improvement in its communication.


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21 Speeches Changed the World
341-Point Influence Checklist
143 Persuasive Cognitive Biases
17 Ways to Think On Your Feet
18 Lies About Speaking Well
137 Deadly Logical Fallacies
12 Iron Rules For Captivating Slides
371 Words that Persuade
63 Truths of Speaking Well
27 Laws of Empathy
21 Secrets of Legendary Speeches
19 Scripts that Persuade
12 Iron Rules For Captivating Speech
33 Laws of Charisma
11 Influence Formulas
219-Point Speech-Writing Checklist
21 Eloquence Formulas
Persuasive Speaking Workbook
Fearless Speaking Workbook
Speaking with Confidence Course


How Highly Effective People Speak
How Legendary Leaders Speak
Influential Leadership
Public Speaking Mastery
The 7 Keys to Confidence
Trust is Power
Decoding Human Nature
The Psychology of Persuasion
How Visionaries Speak
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The Psychology of Communication
The Charisma Code


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