The Bestselling 15-Book
Speak for Success Collection

Unleash the power of your words. Speak with courage and confidence. Influence and persuade with grace and ease. Inspire others. Move hearts and minds. Make the world better. Stand up for truth, and do it well.

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I wrote How Highly Effective People Speak to reveal the hidden patterns in the words of the world’s most successful and powerful communicators, so that you can adopt the same tactics and speak with the same impact and influence.
I wrote Eloquence to uncover the formulas of beautiful, moving, captivating, and powerful words, so that you can use these same exact step-by-step structures to quickly make your language electrifying, charismatic, and eloquent.
I wrote How Legendary Leaders Speak to illuminate the little-known five-step communication process the top leaders of the past 500 years all used to spread their message, so that you can use it to empower your ideas and get results.
I wrote Influential Leadership to expose the difference between force and power and how great leaders use the secrets of irresistible influence to develop power, so that you can do the same, move forward, and get results with ease.
I wrote Public Speaking Mastery to expose and shatter the myths and harmful advice about public speaking, replacing the lies with a proven, step-by-step framework for speaking well, so that you can deliver with certainty and confidence.
I wrote The 7 Keys to Confidence to bring to light the ancient 4,000-year-old secrets I used to master the mental game and speak in front of hundreds without a second of self-doubt or anxiety, so that you can feel the same freedom.
I wrote Trust is Power to divulge how savvy politicians and serial communicators earn our trust, speak with credibility, and use this to rise to new heights of power, so that you can do the same thing to advance your purpose and mission.
I wrote Decoding Human Nature to answer the critical question “what do people want?” and reveal how to use this knowledge to develop unparalleled influence, so that people adopt your idea, agree with your position, and support you.
I wrote Influence to unearth another little-known five-step process for winning hearts and changing minds, so that you can know with certainty that your message will persuade people, draw support, and motivate enthusiastic action.
I wrote The Psychology of Persuasion to completely and fully unveil everything about the psychology behind “Yes, I agree! What’s the next step?” so that you can use easy step-by-step speaking formulas that get people to say exactly that.
I wrote How Visionaries Speak to debunk common lies about effective communication that hold you back and weaken your words, so that you can boldly share your ideas without accidentally sabotaging your own message.
I wrote The Eloquent Leader to disclose the ten steps to finding words that give you an unfair advantage, so that you don’t miss any of the steps and fail to connect, captivate, influence, and inspire in a crucial moment.
I wrote The Language of Leadership to unpack the unique, hidden-in-plain-site secrets of how presidents and world-leaders build movements with the laws of powerful language, so that you use them to propel yourself forward.
I wrote Effective Communication to break the news that most presentations succeed or fail in the first thirty seconds and to reveal proven, step-by-step formulas that grab, hold, and direct attention, so that your presentation wins quickly.
I wrote The Charisma Code to shatter the myths and lies about charisma, revealing its nature as a concrete skill you can master with proven strategies, so that people remember you, your message, and how you electrified the room.

The Speak for Success Collection is the
Most Comprehensive Communication
Resource Ever Created


The collection includes diagrams of key ideas to help you grasp, remember, and apply some of the most powerful and effective communication concepts and tactics ever discovered.


In addition to a checklist of actionable items in each chapter, the collection includes chapter summaries that quickly and accessibly remind you of the big-picture concepts.


The collection includes hundreds of real-world examples of leaders and visionaries using the techniques, so you can see how real people used the lessons in real high-stakes situations.


Every book in the collection includes a tactical guide, an ethical guide, and a mental guide, covering (I) how to put the information into action, (II) how to do so ethically, and (III) how to do so with confidence and self-mastery.


Everything about the Speak for Success collection is designed for one thing: action. That's why every single chapter ends with a checklist of every action item in that chapter.


Every table of contents is much more comprehensive than the usual. They are designed to help you find exactly the information you need in under 30 seconds.


Throughout the collection, key insights are set apart from the rest of the text in larger type, so you can skim through the books quickly finding answers if you are pressed for time.


In addition to the nearly 2,000 diagrams included throughout the collection, there are nearly 100 full-page diagrams that take a deeper visual dive into a particularly powerful insight, tactic, or technique.

"The Greatest Communication Resource Ever Created" - Amazon Customer

 This bestselling 15-book collection includes thousands of diagrams visualizing key ideas, so you can more deeply understand the strategies. Every section ends in a summary and every chapter ends in a checklist, so you can quickly review the material later on and apply it with ease. And it includes hundreds of real-world examples, showing how real people in real high-stakes situations used strategies you'll discover.


12 Iron Rules for Captivating Story
21 Speeches Changed the World
341-Point Influence Checklist
143 Persuasive Cognitive Biases
17 Ways to Think On Your Feet
18 Lies About Speaking Well
137 Deadly Logical Fallacies
12 Iron Rules For Captivating Slides
371 Words that Persuade
63 Truths of Speaking Well
27 Laws of Empathy
21 Secrets of Legendary Speeches
19 Scripts that Persuade
12 Iron Rules For Captivating Speech
33 Laws of Charisma
11 Influence Formulas
219-Point Speech-Writing Checklist
21 Eloquence Formulas
Persuasive Speaking Workbook
Fearless Speaking Workbook
Speaking with Confidence Course


How Highly Effective People Speak
How Legendary Leaders Speak
Influential Leadership
Public Speaking Mastery
The 7 Keys to Confidence
Trust is Power
Decoding Human Nature
The Psychology of Persuasion
How Visionaries Speak
The Eloquent Leader
The Language of Leadership
The Psychology of Communication
The Charisma Code


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