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Communication Does Not Have to Be a Mystery

Most sources of advice and information about communication neglect 95% of what there is to know about the timeless art. They aren't bad, just incomplete, leaving out...
  • The proven persuasive patterns that work
  • The rules of rhetoric that gets results
  • The psychology of audience attention
  • The elements of easy eloquence
  • The proven principles of inner peace
  • The crucial details of almost everything
...and much more. At Speak Truth Well LLC, we know communication is not just a shallow and abstract art. It is a deep and concrete science, with a history stretching back over 2,000 years to Ancient Greece. We've devoted nearly a decade to compiling everything there is to know about speaking with power and confidence in one place. That place is here.

18 Free PDF Resources, 30 Free Video Lessons, and 2 Free Workbooks

  • 371 Words that Persuade: Find Powerful and Engaging Words in as Little as 30 Seconds
  • ​137 Deadly Logical Fallacies: How to Gain the Edge in Any Discussion Without Creating Enemies
  • 143 Persuasive Cognitive Biases: How to Use the Little-Known Secrets of Psychology to Influence With Ease
  • ​21 Speeches that Changed the World: How Great Leaders Use Rhetoric to Accomplish the Impossible
  • ​33 Laws of Charisma: How to Electrify, Engage, and Own the Room in 60 Seconds or Less
  • ​27 Laws of Empathy: How to Win Friends and Influence People in 60 Seconds or Less
  • ​19 Scripts that Persuade: Proven "Fill-In" Formulas for Changing Minds and Motivating Action
  • ​17 Ways to Think on Your Feet: How to Know Exactly What to Say in Every Situation
  • ​21 Eloquence Formulas: Proven, Step-By-Step Patterns that Grab, Hold, and Direct Attention
  • ​11 Influence Formulas: Proven, Step-By-Step Patterns that Overcome Objections and Get Results
  • ​63 Truths of Speaking Well: Little-Known Wisdom for Confident and Compelling Communication
  • ​18 Lies About Speaking Well: Common Advice that Holds Your Communication Back
  • ​21 Secrets of Legendary Speeches: Covert Persuasive Strategies Hidden in Plain Sight
  • ​12 Iron Rules for Captivating Slides: How to Create a Slide Deck that Doesn't Instantly Bore the Audience
  • ​12 Iron Rules for Captivating Story: The Little-Known Secrets of the World's Most Influential Storytellers
  • ​12 Iron Rules for Captivating Speech: How the World's Top Speakers Instantly Command Undivided Attention
  • ​219-Point Speech-Writing Checklist: How to Guarantee Your Message Moves the Audience and Gets Results
  • ​341-Point Influence Checklist: How to Guarantee Your Words Always Motivate Action
  • ​Fearless Speaking: How to Master the Timeless Art of Presenting with Courage (Workbook)
  • ​Persuasive Speaking: How to Master the Timeless Art of Presenting with Power (Workbook)
  • ​Speaking with Confidence: 30 Video Lessons in Authenticity, Self-Belief, and Impact (Video Course)

The Bestselling 15-Book Speak for Success Collection by Peter D. Andrei

  • How Highly Effective People Speak: How High Performers Use Psychology to Influence with Ease
  • ​Eloquence: The Hidden Secret of Words that Change the World
  • ​How Legendary Leaders Speak: 451 Proven Communication Strategies of the World's Top Leaders
  • ​Influential Leadership: How Powerful Words Create Remarkable Results
  • ​Public Speaking Mastery: How to Speak with Confidence, Impact, and Influence
  • ​The 7 Keys to Confidence: How to Lead, Speak, and Live with Courage
  • ​Trust is Power: How to Communicate in a World that Doubts Everything
  • ​Decoding Human Nature: The Underground Guide to Emotional Intelligence
  • ​Influence: The Secrets of Words that Win Hearts and Change Minds
  • ​The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Use Proven Speaking Patterns to Make Your Ideas Irresistible
  • ​How Visionaries Speak: The Proven Communication Strategies of Highly Effective People
  • ​The Eloquent Leader: 10 Steps to Communication that Propels You Forward
  • ​The Language of Leadership: How Great Leaders Use the Laws of Powerful Language to Get Results
  • ​The Psychology of Communication: The Underground Guide to Persuasive Presentations and Easy Eloquence
  • ​The Charisma Code: How to Master Influence, Public Speaking, and the Art of Effective Communication

Our Suite of Accessible Expert Services
for Individuals or Small Teams

  • Long-term coaching for general improvement in any communication skill
  • ​Long-term one-on-one drilling, training, and practicing to help you master the art
  • Short-term support to help you ace an upcoming presentation or speech
  • ​Presentation planning to help you craft any kind of message with power
  • Speech-writing and delivery practice to help you deliver a brilliant speech brilliantly
  • Custom plans specifically designed to meet any unique need you have
  • ​One-on-one communication coaching and consulting to meet any need

Our Suite of Accessible Expert Services
for Groups, Companies, and Organizations

  • Long-term consulting to plan and execute tailored solutions on an ongoing basis
  • ​Short-term consulting to solve a particular communication challenge or obstacle
  • Message-audits to ensure your words get your organization where it wants to go
  • ​Message-planning to clearly, persuasively, and powerfully speak to customers
  • Coaching and training for teams and bulk orders of books, courses, and resources
  • Custom plans specifically designed to meet any unique need you have
  • General communication coaching and consulting to meet any need


12 Iron Rules for Captivating Story
21 Speeches Changed the World
341-Point Influence Checklist
143 Persuasive Cognitive Biases
17 Ways to Think On Your Feet
18 Lies About Speaking Well
137 Deadly Logical Fallacies
12 Iron Rules For Captivating Slides
371 Words that Persuade
63 Truths of Speaking Well
27 Laws of Empathy
21 Secrets of Legendary Speeches
19 Scripts that Persuade
12 Iron Rules For Captivating Speech
33 Laws of Charisma
11 Influence Formulas
219-Point Speech-Writing Checklist
21 Eloquence Formulas
Persuasive Speaking Workbook
Fearless Speaking Workbook
Speaking with Confidence Course


How Highly Effective People Speak
How Legendary Leaders Speak
Influential Leadership
Public Speaking Mastery
The 7 Keys to Confidence
Trust is Power
Decoding Human Nature
The Psychology of Persuasion
How Visionaries Speak
The Eloquent Leader
The Language of Leadership
The Psychology of Communication
The Charisma Code


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