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Our Mission and Purpose

From the desk of Peter Andrei
Speak Truth Well LLC
800 Boylston Street
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May 15, 2021

What is Our Mission?

To whom it may concern:

The Wall Street Journal reports that public speaking is the world’s biggest fear – bigger than being hit by a car. According to Columbia University, this pervasive, powerful, common phobia can reduce someone’s salary by 10% or more. It can reduce someone’s chances of graduating college by 10% and cut their chances of attaining a managerial or leadership position at work by 15%.

If weak presentation kills your good ideas, it kills your career. If weak communication turns every negotiation, meeting, pitch, speech, presentation, discussion, and interview into an obstacle (instead of an opportunity), it slows your progress. And if weak communication slows your progress, it tears a gaping hole in your confidence – which halts your progress.

Words can change the world. They can improve your station in life, lifting you forward and upward to higher and higher successes. But they have to be strong words spoken well: rarities in a world where most people fail to connect, engage, and persuade; fail to answer the question “why should we care about this?”; fail to impact, inspire, and influence; and, in doing so, fail to be all they could be.

Now zoom out. Multiply this dynamic by one thousand; one million; one billion. The individual struggle morphs into a problem for our communities, our countries, our world. Imagine the many millions of paradigm-shattering, life-changing, life-saving ideas that never saw the light of day. Imagine how many brilliant convictions were sunk in the shipyard. Imagine all that could have been that failed to be.

Speak Truth Well LLC solves this problem by teaching ambitious professionals how to turn communication from an obstacle into an engine: a tool for converting “what could be” into “what is.” There is no upper limit: inexperienced speakers can become self-assured and impactful; veteran speakers can master the skill by learning advanced strategies; masters can learn how to outperform their former selves.

We achieve our mission by producing the best publications, articles, books, video courses, and coaching programs available on public speaking and communication, and at non-prohibitive prices. This combination of quality and accessibility has allowed Speak Truth Well to serve over 70,000 customers in its year of launch alone (2021). Grateful as we are, we hope to one day serve millions.

Dedicated to your success,
Peter Andrei
Peter Andrei
President of Speak Truth Well LLC

Our Beliefs and Principles



All progress begins with truth. The highest moral responsibility of the effective speaker is to speak the truth. Nothing is more important than this. Nothing is more damaging than neglecting it.



The makers, the engineers, the designers, the producers, and the creators need sellers. "If you build it, they will come" is a lie. Even the best ideas and products need pulpits and podiums.



A speaker who is effective (who convinces and persuades) but lacks honesty and self-mastery is a force for evil. Thus, effective speakers should regard themselves as loaded weapons.



To quote Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, "your arrogance blinds you." Humility is essential. Rhetoric in the hands of a humble person is virtue's sword, truth's shield, and reason's spear.



Yes, communication is a deep science. There are formulas, rules, structures, and more. But none of this matters as much as the present-moment connection between speaker and audience.



Our motivation in communicating, persuading, and influencing must be love. We must aim primarily at the well-being of others. Let compassion be your compass. It won't fail.



A good speaker must excel in three domains: speaking well, speaking truthfully, and speaking with self-mastery. A speaker insufficient in any of these domains cannot be called a master.



The foundation of communication, the ground of it, is connection; connection between consciousnesses, here and now, in this moment. True communication is collective meditation.



Communication "masters" have simply stacked a tower of powerful, positive, and productive communication habits. Habit by habit, you can become just as effective as the world's best.



Your responsibility: carefully say what you believe to be true as precisely as you can. Reveal the hard but necessary truth. Commit to honesty, not expediency. Speak with love.
Bonus principle XI: we love dark red and Roman numerals

Our Founder and President

Peter Daniel Andrei is the founder and president of Speak Truth Well LLC, as well as the creator of the cutting-edge Speak for Success paradigm. As of this writing, Peter wrote 15 bestselling books about how to unleash the power of your words and master the crucial skill of communication, covering topics like persuasion, influence, eloquence, charisma, confidence, public speaking, and more.

Peter teaches proven principles and step-by-step strategies based on strong evidence drawn not only from his personal experience but from historical examples and scientific studies. His aim is to create the best communication consultancy and the most comprehensive library of communication resources in the world. As of this writing, he is well on his way to achieving this goal.

In addition to writing the 15-book Speak for Success collection, he has curated the free communication toolkit, including 18 free PDF resources, a free 30-lesson video course, and 2 free workbooks. Peter and Speak Truth Well also offer a wide range of services for individuals and organizations, including coaching, training, consulting, and more.

Peter has an unparalleled record as a competitive public speaker and debater. Over the course of his competitive career, he earned 37 awards and a seal of special distinction from the organizing league. Additionally, he was the Massachusetts Debate League state champion as well as the winner of several national competitions.

He has coached thousands of people, including political candidates (and when they won, public servants), top project managers, documentary filmmakers, and Toastmasters national finalists. He has read hundreds of scientific studies on subjects like psychology, neurobiology, and behavioral economics, using their findings to learn more about the art of powerful communication.

In addition to the countless hours he has spent in front of an audience or behind a debate podium, he has spent thousands of hours rigorously researching the power of words, digging through great speeches to uncover their secrets and reading anything and everything that might shed light on the hidden truths of words that work.

Peter believes that the ability to unleash the power of their words is one of the greatest gifts someone can receive, and he seeks to give this gift to millions of people around the world through his work. He believes that persuading people to believe in the truth is one of the most meaningful and ethical actions a human being can perform; that doing absolutely everything you can do to convey the truth as effectively as possible is a moral imperative; that convincing people to think or act in a positive and mutually beneficial way is an act of service; and that harnessing the power of your words is one of the best and fastest ways to improve your career, your business, your life, your family, your community, your company, your city, your country, and your world.

When Peter isn’t working on Speak for Success, he spends much of his free time reading. His favorite authors include Wayne Dyer, Paulo Coelho, Earl Nightingale, Malcolm Gladwell, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson III, Robert Greene, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Sun Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Lucius Seneca, James Allen, Thomas Kempis, Ryan Holiday, Donald Miller, Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker, Bob Proctor, Daniel Kahneman, Brian Tracy, David Goggins, Maxwell Maltz, Joseph Murphy, Ryan Bush, Eckhart Tolle, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, and James Clear.

Email: pandreibusiness@gmail.com
Cell: 774-245-8973


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